An Interview with Michael Vegas

My very last and greatest article for was this interview with Michael Vegas.  In it, he shares some really great insights into the Adult entertainment industry.  It is also very funny.  Michael, thank you again for this opportunity.  I would like to pick your brain again very soon for another interview. 

This is my third interview with an adult entertainment performer but definitely my most anticipated opportunity for an interview with who I believe, though it may not seem obvious to many, is one of the most influential, trend setting and original adult actors today.  Michael Vegas (aka: Mike Vegas, Mike, James Oak) began working in adult films in 2006 and already has hundreds of scenes to his name.  What I’ve admired most about Michael is his genuine nature, laid back manner and an indestructible charm that carries through a very vibrant twitter and facebook stream and of course his performance in adult films.  Micheal represents what I believe is a vitality and originality the industry needs today. 

I have a greater appreciation for reality porn over poorly concocted scenes and stories as they are often too poorly written to add anything to the scene and take away from the goal of the scene, that being for one or more people to express something I find not only necessary to a healthy human sexual consumption but also an artistic expression of ability and prowess with sex that can express convention or knock it down entirely.  I do enjoy some themed scenes, cosplay, parody films and of course horror or zombie porn but really I do believe that reality porn is the eventual final word in the potential of adult entertainment to entertain and dare I say, enlighten not only the viewer but the industry as well.
One of the most admirable things I have seen Michael do was simply what he does in any film he is in by simply being HIMSELF.
Very recently I saw Michael perform in a themed production by a somewhat popular studio featuring all black female performers and all white male performers.  I actually had no idea that Michael was even in this film but suddenly in one of the first scenes, there he was.
Now, one thing that repulses me more than anything else in adult entertainment Is when I see a white guy, typically a very spoon fed flaked out bro from the valley or jersey shore moron who is doing a scene with a black girl and suddenly the guy starts talking in Ebonics and mustering a very offensive stereotypical black gangster accent.  Sometimes these guys come into the scene wearing clothing emulating the people they are trying to emulate as if very likely they act this way almost all the time.  Porn on it’s own, I believe has a hard enough time being genuine without  honkies from the valley “blacking up” to try and come off hard while fucking a black girl.  But then there was Michael’s scene in this film.  He wasn’t anything but himself the entire time, he performed flawlessly and that was that.  The actress they had put him with wasn’t very impressive.  In fact most of the girls they had cast looked as though they were not into the scenes or just were not the best performers in general.  But Michael’s performance broke the back of this flaked out racial insult for the time he was on the screen and it was then I realized how significant this guy was to the industry in general.

Be sure to check out Michael in one of his latest films Directed by DANA VESPOLI “Forsaken”.


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