Libertarians are quite the American tradition in alternative political party ideology.
Alternative parties in other countries throughout the world are beating back mainstream two-party systems with hard work and election bids in all available offices without the need for superpacs or scamming their supporters.  But in the U S of A the Libertarian party is simply a perfected con artistry developed by GOP lobbyists, salesmen and psychotic right wing conspiracy theorists.

Their aim is to direct elections and political influence in areas of the public where the public is too stupid to know any better, but too suspicious to take clear political sides with the two party system or find a real alternative to D and R.  The Libertarian party is essentially to the Republicans what the Green party is to the Democratic Party.

While the Pirate Party in Sweden was winning influence to become that country’s third largest political party in under six years and soon to be entering elections in Sweden’s parliament, the highest elected office that the Libertarian party currently seats in it’s 42+ years of existence is county board supervisor.

Kurt Schlicht happens to be one of these County board supervisors with the Libertarian  party.

Typical Libertarian conservatard asswipe

Kurt Schlicht

He serves Dane County Wisconsin.
The majority of his individual contributor campaign money came from Republicans and GOP superpac sources.  His named contributors are a whos-who of fanatic Wisconsin conservatives even the local GOP has trouble claiming as their own.
He was a Tea party Republican representative with the Wisconsin state Senate before switching parties and busting down to Country Supervisor.
During his time as a Republican state Senator he once supported a proposed law which would make single parenthood for mothers illegal.  This is a common template with elected Libertarians.

Libertarian media is rife with conspiracy theories about the “New World Order”, “that Muslim terrorist in the White House,” and how the government is plotting to kill us and take our land.
The Libertarian party touts the merits of personal liberty, religious freedom, free speech and constitutional law… but if you speak ill of Jesus you are not a true American.

So I found this article on the Libertarian Tabloid news site www.personalliberty.com written by Brandon Smith.

How to survive a nuclear event

How To Survive A Nuclear Event

How To Survive A Nuclear Event : Personal Liberty™ - Mozilla Firefox_004

Simply put, if you follow the instructions in this article during or after an actual nuclear blast, you will die.
Literally, taking the steps in prevention, preparation and survival as they are described in this article WILL kill you.
I don’t know if this publication is attempting to mislead Libertarians and the general public in order to sell them survivalist prep gear, make them look dumb… or maybe the author is just a complete moron.

So lets pick this turd of an article by Mr. Smith apart and try to keep YOU the reader from dying if and when an actual “Nuclear Event” were to happen.

His world view of the intentions of  superpowers to actually use nuclear weapons is quite limited.
In the article he states:

“Russian officials openly indicated they have no qualms over the use of nukes in response to a conventional threat.”

Which they have indicated, just like any super power has indicated since the superpowers began stocking nukes.  It clearly states, “in response to a nuclear event”.
As always the use of a nuclear weapon is part of a policy called M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction).
This is a simple methodology that indicates when one side uses nuclear weapons, the other will as well and both will be destroyed completely.
Given the volume and capacity of nuclear weapons today, complete destruction of ALL life on the planet is more than likely even if one side were to strike with even 50% of the intended force dedicated to a first strike from Russia, America or China.

In his section on “Low Yield Nuclear explosions”, the Kiloton payload he is talking about with these devices are very low.  The likelihood of their use is almost as negligible as Brandon’s theories about the impossibility of a dirty bomb’s use.  The US has dumped and lost enough depleted uranium in the middle east to create several dirty bombs though none have surfaced as yet.

The preparations section of the article sites several very poorly researched precautions.
He claims that it takes “about two weeks”, for radiation levels to become safe after a nuclear blast.
This is complete bullshit.

Even at TWO MONTHS there can be levels of radiation saturating the soil and air that could poison anything living.  Radiation saturates everything and takes a very long time to level out.  The atmosphere has to move the radioactive particles around, irradiated dust particles have to settle then deplete as much as they can, ground water becomes contaminated and saturates the earth with radiation.  Even if you do venture out of a protected shelter or bunker after two months, you should have some form of Military grade NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical protective) gear ready.
This consists of a two piece NBC (AKA CPG) suit with air filtration mask, gloves and boots.
These can be found in virtually any Army/navy surplus store or on amazon.com.

If you venture out after a nuclear blast without at least a Dupont jumper and a par of gloves on, you might as well spend a good part of your time outside digging your own grave.

He goes on to claim that for a shelter:

“The minimum requirement to effectively reduce gamma radiation to 50 percent of levels outside the home is 22 cm of wood, 8.4 cm of earth, 5cm of brick or concrete, or 2 cm of steel. Cover windows seal them with plastic. Home nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) air filtration systems are available; but they can be rather expensive.”

I have NO idea how he has come to this conclusion as he doesn’t site ONE single legitimate source for this article but Again, this is 100% bullshit.

To cut gamma radiation by 50% with steel, you actually need 2.5cm of it
You need 29cm, not 22cm of wood.
9.1 of earth BUT it must be PACKED and DRY earth.
6.1cm of concrete (I have no idea why you would dick around shaving brick down to anything below 10cm)  brick is porous, takes a lot of time to mason and does not come in plates or tiles less than 10cm.  It is not a valid radioactive sheltering material for a cost effective shelter.

HOWEVER, these amounts only cut gamma rays by 50%.  Radiation is absorbed, builds up in and gets redistributed by non-shielded sources.  ALL the radiation must be blocked, and to truly block radiation in a shelter you need the one thing this moron doesn’t mention ONCE in this article; LEAD.

Only 1.0cm of Lead blocks 50% of the radiation. For any radioactive shelter wall, begin with a simple mixture of lead plates at 5cm or more and a thick concrete wall.  Once dirt and wood become wet, they lose their ability to block radiation and they begin absorbing radiation.  Lead resists radiation and more lead blocks it.  Simple as that.

Smith claims that ONLY a Geiger counter can detect lethal levels of radiation.
This is a profound amount of bullshit.  I wonder if this guy is actually a survivalist supply sales rep or store owner.  More likely however, he is just an idiot.  The cheapest Geiger counter you would find on Amazon runs at least $140.00usd.
If you want one you are just buying the most expensive way to detect lethal levels of radiation but it is not the ONLY way.

Your own cell phone’s camera can detect radiation for you.  There are apps available for cell phone cameras that condition the camera’s imaging to see and measure the frequency of radioactive particles in the atmosphere.  You can also see these by cranking your video or SLR camera’s exposure down and taking pictures or video.  Lethal levels of radiation will appear as high frequency archiving on the image.
The amount of archiving indicates the level of exposure and there are cheap apps available that can give you a reading and value of how much radioactivity is there.

For android:


For Iphone:


Just be sure to cover your cameras lens with black electrical tape while using them.  They work by processing the number of radioactive particles reacting with the CMOS system on the camera.

Sodium iodide crystals also emit a pulse of light when radiation reacts with them.
These aren’t extremely easy to get a hold of but they are a hell of a lot cheaper than Geiger counters.
Wireless voltage detectors also detect high levels of EMR.  These can be found at any hardware store.

For another correct reference that Brandon neglected to provide in his article, here is a chart of radiation levels on the MSV Sievert Scale.


Radiation exposure is best measured on this MSV Sievert Scale.  This is the amount of radiation that a body can be exposed to within a certain amount of time, verses the time that body can properly process that radiation.

In, ‘Food Water and Hygene’ Smith covers storing high-shelf life foods but hits the brick wall again at cooking food.  In a radiological emergency situation, wasting fuel (gas, wood, coal, etc)  on cooking food is just plain stupid.  Foods you can prepare without cooking are more advantageous.  It will be very likely that you are going to spend A LOT of time in shelter and producing poisonous gases by cooking inside a shelter is dangerous and unnecessary.  Burning fuels you will need later when you can leave the shelter is also stupid.  If you have clean water, canned foods, freeze- dried foods, and you can maintain room temperature in your shelter, you can prepare food safely enough to consume.  If you are generating power with solar, wind or a human-powered generator and have an electric oven or toaster oven, these would be safer and less costly to cook with if you need to heat food.  Heating food is a luxury, and in a crisis as big as nuclear war, luxuries can be deadly.  There are several cheap solar and human powered generators available online that can power electrical cooking, heating, and filtration systems.

He is correct about how much water a human body needs daily- but again falls flat on collecting water from primary sources AFTER the initial blast.  During a “nuclear event” the water you have stored and protected from outside exposure is the ONLY water you are going to be able to use or should use after the blasts.  If you are close enough to a nuclear blast to need shelter from radiation and you do not have your own closed, protected, and completely shielded plumbing, you can NOT rely on water sources from local city or county.  Nuclear blasts shock utility infrastructures from top to bottom.  The ground shifts, pipes crack, and public water sources are immediately open to radioactive exposure.  Close off all of your outside lines if you can BEFORE the blasts and then after you want to test any water that may have been exposed to the outside before using it.

You will want to filter and reuse any non-irradiated water as well.  Instead of flushing toilets with any water you may have saved as this moron claims, you want to go to the bathroom in a plastic garbage bag with a little bit of sand or dirt in it.  When you are done you cover it with more dirt or sand, tie off the bag and then throw it in the trash for later dumping once you can leave shelter.  Wasting water flushing a toilet when you can use the water again is moronic.  A toilet uses more than a gallon of water to flush.  After a major disaster that water will be gone for good.  Virtually any non-toxic liquid can be filtered back into usable water with the right home-made filtration.  Even urine can be filtered back into usable water.  You will also want to wash or shower in a plugged tub and filter that water for later use.
The chemical and deodorant toilets Smith talks about in his article are also wasteful and useless options.

Never risk going outside of shelter if you do not need to, even to get rid of your own waste.

This is a picture of a home made water filter.  The basic components used are the exact same you get in high priced tap filters from Brita and Culligan.
Water filter:


After filtering with your home made sand and coal filter you will also want to do some steam filtration:


If you have any UV lamps on hand, expose the water in a 5 gallon bucket or clear glass or plastic containers to a good six hours of exposure under a a UV lamp.

Under Protecting health he eludes to NBC air filtration but says only that it is “expensive”.  It is actually just as simple to make your own air filtration system as it is to make a water filtration system.
Charcoal is the primary element you will want to include.  The standard aluminum or steel duct work you find at any hardware store can be used to build a shelter air filter good enough to withstand a good degree of nuclear fallout.  Make sure it has a good intake fan on the end and also an exit ventilation system that is also shielded just as well as the intake.

Home made air filters:



An NBC air filter for a shelter should be a long duct work at least twenty feet long, at least ten inches in diameter and run from the outside to the shelter with good shielding outside the duct work and at least four corners along the duct work.  At the interior end of the filter should be a heavy intake fan that is at least 1horsepower.  The first filter by the outer opening of the duct work should be a Home made filter like the one in the tutorial above but filled with steel wool pads. The second and third filters should be the same but with with a dusting of charcoal. This is similar to what you would find as the charcoal/cotton vent filters put on a cat litter boxes. The fourth filter nearest the intake fan should be another one filled with steel wool pads. The last two should be standard air filters such as you would find in a furnace vent and they should be mounted on each side of the intake fan.

While potassium iodate pills are actually a good investment for blocking radiation from being absorbed , the simplest and oldest trick in the book for keeping radiation from penetrating your system is drinking red wine and ingesting other foods and drink that contain non-radioactive isotopes.  Red Wine contains strontium 85.  The amount of strontium becomes saturated and absorbed with the good stuff and thus the bad isotope just passes through without attaching to the bones.  Charcoal pills, niacin and drinking  excessive amounts of water after you have been exposed are also good steps in protecting against and removing radiation from the body, as well as cleaning out the build up of toxins in the body.

Protecting electronics from and EMP
Brandon claims that you should build a useless and expensive Faraday cage.  While a Faraday cage will stop an EMP IF it is just an EMP without a nuclear explosion generating it, then you are fine.  However the rest of the radiation generated by the blast will also destroy your electronics anyway.
If you keep everything you want to save behind a proper layer of lead, it will stop the EMP and radiation all together.  If it is inside a well shielded shelter, it will also be fine.  Building an entire Faraday cage is just and expensive and stupid way to waste more time.

After the storm has passed
Again, he tries to tell us it is all clear in two weeks.  DO NOT leave shelter after two weeks unless you want to die.

Then he says this:

“Fresh crops: When gardening, scraping off the top two inches of surface soil removes about 90 percent of all fallout from your garden. This soil should be stored in steel drums far away from your food-producing area. Some preexisting crops exposed to the fallout can still be saved, depending on their type and stage of growth.”

THAT IS REDICULOUS.  You DO NOT remove 90% of ANYTHING by removing only two inches of topsoil.  If the ground was dry and packed when the blasts hit and had a fine dusting of lead over it then MAYBE 80% of the radiation was blocked but the notion that 90% of the radiation is removed by removing just 2 inches of earth in it’s natural condition is just fucking stupid.  It would be a miracle if 30% of the radiation was removed by removing that much dirt.
Trying to save a preexisting crop is also stupid.  Preexisting crops have root systems.  Root systems transmit more radiation into the ground.
If anything was planted during a blast, forget about it and the land it is planted on.

You will actually need to remove at least three feet of earth to reach usable soil after a blast.  That soil will have to have been DRY and no moisture or root systems would have to be penetrating the soil any more than a foot down.  If so, you just have to dig deeper or some place else.  What ever level you dig too, you will want to test the radiation level.
What ever soil you do get to that is no longer giving off a lethal radioactive reading, you want to collect the dirt from that area in plastic or steel drums.  Utilize the holes that have been dug to bury non-irradiated waste.

Next, get the good dirt you have harvested into planter boxes in a green house with a good concrete foundation.   If you have a house that has avoided unhealthy radiation exposure or can be purged of it after the blasts, put planter boxes inside near the windows.  If it is possible to remain in your shelter with harvested dirt and use UV lamps to grow, this would be optimal.
For a long time after nuclear blasts it will be dangerous to attempt regular cultivation on open ground.  Radiation saturates particles in the ground and atmosphere and these will migrate and turn up in surprise places later on.

He claims that game you have hunted after the blasts can be eaten if cleaned and butchered normally.
This it total bullshit.
You do not know where the animals have been, you do not know the level of exposure.
Sure, you COULD hunt them and if they test out ok after a long tissue test, then yeah, you can eat them.  If you are starving, haven’t supplied a good amount of rations and have had no luck at growing anything, you should try hunting but if there has been an exchange of nuclear weapons between the superpowers it is highly unlikely that there will be much left living out there that can or should be hunted for some time.

His opinions on burying the dead are spot on.  At least here maybe he did some actual research.

Supporting Immunity
In the event of a nuclear exchange, even with filtration, proper shelter and a good supply of water, your life has just been cut in half.  If you can live more than another five to ten years, you will be lucky.  If you are still fertile and can produce children you will be profoundly lucky.  He sights some herbs and remedies that actually do a great job of improving your likelihood of survival but these are things you would have to have stockpiled and fresh BEFORE the blasts.  Of course he is leaving out that the reason the herbs and compounds he is sighting are so effective is because they contain these non-radioactive isotopes that can build up in blood and bone tissue to protect against radioactive ones.

The final section about treating the sick is a bit fanciful.  If you have stayed in shelter for the proper amount of time it is highly unlikely that you will run across anyone after the blasts that would be out there wandering around still alive and still sick with radiation poisoning.  If you do they will either be just as well off as yourself or dying very painfully though they have miraculously survived this long.  There is virtually nothing you can do for anyone with radiation poisoning at this point other than give them a quick and painless death.  Wasting time, food and medication on them would just make your own situation worse.

The Liberty Digest’s owner/operator Bob Livingston is a tried and true Libertarian.  I have not yet met a self proclaimed Libertarian who wasn’t politically ignorant, uneducated and mired in a perfect storm of baseless conjecture, fanatic speculation and lop sided conspiracy theories.

I honestly do not understand why a person would publish an entire article about properly preparing for a nuclear blast but do absolutely no valid research or provide any source information for their work.
They would have to be profoundly stupid, profoundly insane or trying to sell something.

Here is my source list.  As you have seen in the article there are also plenty of other sources I have provided.

You now have a more realistic guide to preparing and surviving a “nuclear event”,



again, like with all wiki references, CHECK THE SOURCES on the article.
Harvard University Radiation Protection Office Providing radiation guidance to Harvard University and affiliated institutions.
Journal of Solid State Phenomena Tara Ahmadi, Use of Semi-Dipole Magnetic Field for Spacecraft Radiation Protection.


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