This weekend, Madison Wisconsin had a visit from Joanna Angel.  Joanna has been on a multi-city strip club tour which brought her to Madison’s Silk Exotic Gentlemen’s club.  Silk, as other Madisonians may know, is the Silk Exotic franchise location which is located as far from any populated areas as possible on the far west side beyond the belt-line highway after University Avenue has long since turned into county Hwy 14.

Silk Madison is well known for the same malarky the rest of the chain’s ownership allows.  Customers have carte blanche to molest dancers, dancers are allowed to market prostitution both inside and outside the clubs, contracting is a joke and every once in a while some crack head dancer goes ape shit and beats the hell out of another dancer.

Still, this is typical, and for the most part traditional, of American strip clubs.

I actually saw Joanna out on the street on Saturday afternoon around 3 PM, taking a tour of the Capital area.  Caked in her ‘not in conditioned lighting or photoshop finish’ cosmetics and accompanied by a portly “biker” template and a local looking guy.
Later in the evening after a few facebook selfie updates in cookie cutter strip wear she hit the stage at Silk.

It was as unsurprisingly horrific as I would have expected.  Her attempts at pole dancing were like that of a heat stroked spider monkey with Cerebral Palsy.  At one point she tried to grip the pole with her legs and do a spin but got stuck and slid down to the floor on her back in a cold mess.  Her dancing was part mocking of the girls that work at strip clubs, and part high-school kegger  twerking.   After the first two minutes the customers at Silk were obviously bored and wanted the regular dancers back on stage. The stage was lined with men who were initially excited to see a real live porn star yet, one song into her set, they were practically falling asleep. As one customer put it, “Look at those guys! They’re nodding off right in front of her!”.

After the stage debacle she met with customers and fans.  Charging $35 for signed polaroids and charging $50 for a picture on your own phone.  This was confusing to me.  Supposedly Joanna has one of the most, if not THE most featured and succesful wesbsites in the Altporn spectrum.
Yet she needs to charge $35 for a single polaroid with her signature?

It is an academic understanding that if you work for Joanna to appear in one of her videos, you are signing a contract just as terrible as any with MyFreecams or Suicide Girls and while you are  shooting you had better not have a problem with people openly shooting up or snorting coke on set.  Then after the whole affair is done, you get stiffed on residuals for the work and paid a pittance of a pittance for the effort.

If you’ve read some of my other blurbs, there is a long history with Joanna and several of her ad share partners among Blueblood and as they’ve driven the Altporn industry into the ground.
A once adventurous and independent facet of adult entertainment, Altporn is now just another festival of  exploitation and low paying sex work thanks to winners like Joanna Angel introducing the same old mainstream porn nonsense into Altporn, then reverting practices further back to 1970′s and 80′s standards.

It’s bad enough that most of the actual dancers at Silk have to put up with competition from fellow dancers who freely utilize management-sanctioned prostitution to boost their profit margins and customers who grope them without so much as a tip for the ordeal, but to have this pariah of the modern porn industry waltzing in to make fun of the entire process and then gouging customers for a signed polaroid is just insulting.

While Joanna Angel may be no different on stage than the crappiest stripper out there, what she lacks in dance ability she also lacks in her approach to her business practices. If she doesn’t care enough about her audience to give them a good show, then she certainly doesn’t care enough about her expendable workers to give them a clean, safe, and well-paying work environment. All in all, her appearance at Silk should not be forgotten.  It is the perfect narrative on the once promising Altporn industry’s greatest failures crashing head first into mainstream adult entertainment’s most traditional failures.

In short, WHAT NOT TO DO.



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