Leather and Lace at the Inferno

It has been a heavy week of digging up all of the original articles, blurbs and features I wrote for Altpornstar.com before parting ways with the site and it’s owner Sean Adamz.  Luckily I had no concrete agreement with Adamz for the exchange so I’ve retained creative ownership of my work and am now re-releasing it under my own name as apposed to the rather brilliant ghost name I had been using, ‘Carl Honduras’. 

This is a blurb and pictorial spread I did for the Inferno nightclub’s “Leather and Lace” night which was on the second of this month.  On the first Saturday of every month the inferno holds the Leather and lace event.  It is Madison Wisconsin’s best known and most patroned fetish event.
Before leaving Madison in 2003, I used to go to Leather and lace every once in a while.  Since getting back last year I’ve been going almost religiously.
This particular blurb got more hits than anything else I had written for Altpornstar.com.  It was actually one of the highest hit articles that had been on the site in several months.   
Since I am no longer under the obtuse literary restraints of Sean Adamz I’ll give this the more in depth service it deserves.
 The crowd is always a pleasant mix of local celebrity and individuality.  Not to many of any one ‘click’ or ‘scenesters’ to be found.
Veronica Smash
In an awesome dia de muerta face paining job.
Body Painting
I dig the cookie monster theme.

Foodie fetish contest
Body sock,… nom nom

The Sisters, a local LGBT nightlife & activism group.

Leather daddies 
He ties people up pretty good.

 Inferno dance floor

Cat people
Juli Bee
April Paradis & Friend 
April is a fellow Owl fanatic.
Jayson Minor & Veronica Smash
Daryn Belden
After overcoming a nasty motorcycle accident and a long recovery this Inferno regular is back badder than ever.
Veronica Smash and Carl Honduras (AKA, me)
 Greta Thorn & Lili Lux
Alistair Loveless
Entertainer, Videographer and snappy effin dresser
Madison’s resident HAWT BOI bartender.
Madison club celebrity.

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