Leather & Lace at the Inferno March 2nd 2013 – A convention of unconvention

Carl honduras & Alistair Loveless

If you were not at this Leather and Lace event at the Inferno then you just were not having a good time in Madison Wisconsin on March second of this two thousand and thirteen.  The usual digital camera I had been using was stolen so I inquired of a friend if I could use her skills and camera for photography through out the night.  Which turned out to make things a lot easier.  For additional content I brought along ‘Big ace’, the 1ccd digital Hi-8 camera I’ve had for far too long.  It has a nice Infra red (night vision) function that made for a nice enhancement to the grittiness of the feature. 

We arrived a bit late due to an interlude with some crack addled circus monkeys.  That of course is a Euphemism for something I don’t know that I can write about just yet but by the tit hairs of Christ would make a good adage to the yarnings of the evening.

Lilly Nichole


The Inferno was packed.  But not one of those packed nights where the place is claustrophobic or haggard from over proximity or long service waits among the patrons.  One of the things I love about the inferno is that this crowd knows how to respect space when it is limited.  We got in quick and started snapping.

New and old faces as always.  There was a trio of men in these really great helmets with LEDs in the eyes and movable jaws. 

Karly Kretschmer & Raven (Krull Photography)

The stage shows featured the use of flammable materials on the human body.  Quite spectacular.

Honestly I’d not yet been to a better Leather and lace night at the Inferno.
My Camera person/wing girl was Minki Steve, A recent transplant to Madison from Idaho specializing in sports medicine and innocent adorableness.  She was quite inspired and in awe of the event.                                                                                     
Nom Nom Punker Nikki Nue

 Leather & Lace is truly a convention of the unconventional.  Something that makes a themed club event great is both the dedicated patrons who give it the flavor of tradition and the new blood adding a generational bridge across time through out the subculture.  No one is ever too old or too young at Leather & Lace.  Unless of course they happen to be under 21 or over 90 and entirely incontinent. 

I am currently polishing this up at the Caribou whilst awaiting laundry to finish at the coiner next door.  I would be working there at the coin laundry if not for the gaggle of loud ass homeless crack heads using the place as their own personal club house because they are not allowed to patron the Caribou.  And now, a Migraine sets in.  
I will see you all again in a months time for the next Leather and Lace.  Till then feed me with ideas and submit some comments.  Readership is up and not long after the next L&L we will be launching our own online magazine and porn sites. 
Ana Marquis

I am issuing a contest for the best name for the magazine and a name for a porn site featuring local talent from our humble Midwest region. 

With these projects I intend to focus on burlesque, nightlife, indie porn, gonzo, S&M, Indie tech & engineering, vices and devices, steampunk, horror porn, altporn, music and subculture.  
Could always use more writers and photographers as well.
Who ever can feed me some good titles and names for the new magazine and site wins a night of free door, drinks and sidekicking with Carl Honduras and the Mustache riders at the next L&L.
Love and kisses, Carl

Carl Honduras, Jake Posateri, and Mick Braddock
Lili Lux

More Steampunk goodness
Daryn Belden
Nikki Nue
Carl Honduras &

Seth Nayes


Awesome arse L&L Patrons



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