Al Franken suspected of tampering with Judges who voted ‘NO’ on Muslim ban

A leaked spurious blurb has emerged from a source within the office of Al Franken, the alt-left Democrat Senator on the house judiciary senate group.

In the item presented, the sources claims to be that Al Franken was involved and had full knowledge of the activities being committed by a group of clandestine operatives who tampered with judicial records which had nought involvement in the destruction of documents which were nugatory to the judgements against Donald Trump’s Muslim Travel and immigration ban policies.

If these documents had not been destroyed, the constitutional statues which grant the president full power in executive orders concerning immigration could ave been upheld to the full letter of the law.

A swift call for the resignation and prosecution of Al Franken has been proposed by several key white house officials.



**Absolutely every source and idea in this article is entirely spurious and aprocryphal**