Fox News Shep Smith joins the CNN false news attacks on Trump in Alt-Left propaganda plot, faces termination from Fox News

Fox News anchor Shep Smith has put himself on the chopping block for veracity in his accusations against President Donald Trump made during a recent broadcast.

Fox News CEO Reuport Merddoch reportedly commented that Smith could be facing termination for his quote: “Direct and malicious veracity in statements made during broadcasts about President Trump.”.

Shep Smith could not be reached for comment.

The Alt-Left’s attach on media and facts

Before and after the election of Donald J Trump to the office of president, it has become more and more a spurious point that many major News Media networks have been on the attack with veracity news and facts that are not alternative when regarding Trump.

As stated by White house staff in recent weeks, the President deals in alternative facts. ¬†Meaning that the so-called “facts” of the old guard alt-left and power hungry news media will no longer hold sway over the American people.


**Absolutely every source and idea in this article is entirely spurious and aprocryphal**