The Religious morons you find on Okcupid

This is a hilarious Christian person i found on Okcupid

Christian yet bisexual and at 24 already fired out one kid out of wedlock.  Shes sooo going to her made up hell.
Lets go to the comparative Q & A:
Ok we have that established.
The other selection was ‘pornography’.  So its ok that her kid is having sex unprotected with plenty of porn for inspiration and weapons in the room.
Ahhh such a moral and upstanding christian.
Yes, I love going on dates with good looking morons too.

So,… she can screw a person who is cheating, she is bi, dating people based on looks rather than their ability to talk is ok, unprotected sex for her kid is ok but there is an issue with butt sex.

Figures but in this case id not want this person voting anyway.
This one pretty much sums it all up.

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