TOP TEN bullshits Sean Adamz tells himself and wants YOU to believe


Since leaving Sean Adamz’s propaganda porn news magazine website I’ve checked back a few times to see how the content is holding up now that it is stripped of my articles and how Sean intends to win back all the clickstream he lost.

This top ten list caught my attention.

Top ten list on’s fake altporn News site (not to be confused with’s fake altporn news site)

Sean suggested funny “top” lists for things to liven up the site. I decided to do features on porn parody ideas which got way more hits and favorable mentions.
From the title I thought this might be some “how to” manual for girls entering the industry or some kind of suggestive guide for those already in it. It wasn’t. Hes just trying to be funny with very dry humor and some suggestions that are just plain useless.

Here is Sean Adamz’s big fat stinking “top ten” list of “things not to do” for “internet models”:

  1. We do not care about your boyfriend (unless you are Rhianna and you got beat up)

Chuckle chuckle, violence against women is oh, so funny.  I’ve rarely seen any model in porn mention their boyfriends and even if they did, how does that even factor in? If they are in porn they have sex with different people all the time weather they are male or female. Who the fuck cares? Oh wait,.. since Sean prefers to be the only male in all of his videos, he is probably jealous of one of his own models fucking someone else. Which is stupid considering the guy is MARRIED to Arden Adamz. How is she supposed to take it asshole?

  1. We do not care about what you just ate for lunch (unless you are Marylin Manson and puked on stage)

I actually dig foodie posts and I’ve not yet heard a single complaint about foodie posts. One of the biggest mistakes in writing, digging in your own ass for opinions to write about. Especially when you have moronic opinions.

  1. We do not care when you are on your fucking period! (we have enough of that we don’t need virtual periods)

Again, I have no problem with who is fucking, when they are fucking, who they are fucking with or plumbing issues if and when a person wishes to vent about it.

How butt hurt is your ego to have a problem with this? This should be a top ten list of things that the most creepy basement dweller internet porn trolls do not like seeing models post. I prefer people to have lives and express things the same way I would instead of being some prepackaged barbie doll who only says and does things to fluff my own ego. That isn’t the kind of porn i am into. I know there is a market for it but it is hardly a majority of the market to go around bitching that it is a problem any model goes against that in their own lives.

  1. If you’re an internet model and haven’t been published or own your own website (ps not a clips for sale) then you are NOT a “Porn Star”.

Can’t really argue with that one but it is kind of smarmy and over bearing. A lot of girls do ‘clips for sale’ or get into bad deals mainly because assclowns in the industry like Sean Adamz screw them over or give them really shitty advice.

  1. Overly photoshopping your photos will NOT HELP YOU.

From a guy who does just as much photoshopping to his own sets as any other porn site that means dick.

  1. Taking selfies in the mirror at tgi fridays, is not “scene”

Did he mean, “is not a scene” or does he mean some kind of “scene”. It is just too confusing to make any sense anyway. I feel like I am getting dumber the more I read this.

4.Your wishlist … Keep wishin’

Again, I only ever see really amature or immature models posting obsessive wishlists and nine times out of ten they are models out on the fringes of the industry or who have been getting shit deals from people like Sean Adams or sites like suicide girls and feel they have to post wishlists just to get things they thought they would be able to afford modeling.

  1. Instead of complaining and asking everyone to send you money via paypal, for your fake “cancer” or your “hurt lolcat” get a fucking job.

See #4

    1. Don’t sit around on the couch all day. DID YOU GET A FUCKING JOB YET?

There are models who are pretty lazy and have expected to much while doing to little or getting shitty deals from sites landing them in a lethargic state with little understanding of how to move in the industry or in life for that matter. But this neither makes this list funny in any way or makes it anymore useful to models.

  1. Stop posting video blogs to you tube about all your fucking problems!

See #2

After going through that I cant help but feel sorry for any model that has to work with Sean Adamz. This list isn’t funny and since it isn’t funny, one would expect it to be helpful in some way, which it isn’t at all.
This idiot kept talking to me about ethical contracting, better pay for models at the same time he was trying to double deal and low ball a model friend of mine so he could effectively have her fly out to Philadelphia paying 50% of the costs herself, fuck her each day for two weeks straight to collect scenes for his site and then send her home with nothing after taking off two weeks from her other work. At the end of it she might have made maybe $2500, spread out over six to eight months but only on a VERY weak contract to that effect that he could simply not pay out on and leave the model stranded.
This list makes very little sense to anyone in our outside of the porn industry and serves no fucking purpose in comedy or helpful information.
I think the title for any future top ten lists by Sean Adamz should be, “bullshit Sean Adamz tells himself and wants YOU to believe.”.


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