UBER attempts to defraud courts in Madison, WI

On October 13th 2014 the “Operations Manager” for UBER technologies in Madison WI, Drew Lake was supposed to be at a hearing for a Restraining order injunction Lake had filed against Madison resident and rideshare activist Justin La Plante.


Lake did not show up for the hearing but instead his lawyers attempted to defraud the court and La Plante’s own lawyers before asking to have the case dismissed.  If Lake had shown up for the hearing La Plante’s Lawyers were going to present evidence that disproves the claims made by Lake on his signed affidavit that he submitted to the courts.

Scanned Document-11

Lake’s Affidavit pt 1

Scanned Document-10

Lake’s affidavit pt 2

This affidavit is a fraudulent claim about the events of October 2nd 2014 when a source providing evidence to the authorities about the illegal operations of UBER technologies in Madison, WI lead La Plante to the UBER offices located at 30. W Mifflin Fifth floor Suite 501.  Just across the street from the Wisconsin state capital building in Madison.

UBER had not reported this business location to local authorities or the TPC (Transportation and Parking authority) council of Madison during a series of ordinance meetings to consider Uber for legal operations on Madison streets.
The source guided La Plante to the fifth floor of the building.
From there La Plante took pictures of Uber signs hung in the communal lobby for the 5th floor and a sign hung in suite 501 inside the main door to the office which was at the time standing open.  La Plante never entered the UBER offices as Lake’s affidavit claims.
Both the audio recording from the personal digital recorder La Plante was carrying and the pictures La Plante took while on the floor match the day and time from Lake’s report.  However the content of the recorded audio and photos contradict Lake’s claims as to the events at that time.

Audio from October 2nd (you can hear the photos being taken on the audio track):


1st pic taken in communal lobby for 5th floor.


2nd Pic taken in communal lobby for 5th floor.


3rd picture taken, shows Nick Anderson of Uber Madison passing UBER sign inside office door. La Plante still outside office.


4Th picture taken. Reflection in window shows La Plante stanind OUTSIDE main office door. Though it is dark the logo ‘UBER’ can be seen in the sign.

Lake’s statement also claims that the main door to the UBER office has a window in it and that Lake opened the door.  Lake also claims on his affidavit that La Plante threatened him.
Photographic evidence and the audio recording also disprove these claims as well.
Lake’s statement claims that he asked what La Plante’s name was when very clearly on the recorded audio you can hear Lake telling La Plante his name.

La Plante had been collecting evidence for authorities in Madison Wisconsin for over seven months which proved that UBER Technologies has been operating illegal Taxi services against an order by Madison Police issued on March 14th 2014.
In that time La Plante and several others working with legal cab, Rideshare and TNC companies in Madison captured images and recorded data that show UBER drivers breaking several traffic laws, loitering illegally in private and University of Wisconsin student facility parking lots and loitering in parking lots illegally near the Dane county airport.

All of these instances were recorded while each of these drivers working for UBER and another illegal TNC by the name of LYFT were illegally providing taxi services by way of PUBLICLY reporting their GPS positions and offering these services through the phone applications provided to them by LYFT or UBER Technologies.

La Plante has since called for Uber Technologies to compensate his legal fees in the matter and fire Drew Lake.

The Milwaukee based legal firm of Halling and Cayo who has been providing legal services to UBER technologies in Wisconsin represented Drew Lake in the hearing on October 13th.
During a pre-hearing meeting between Michael H. Schaalman (of Halling and Cayo) and La Plante’s attorney’s Rachel Kruger and Matthew Robles, Shaalman offered an agreement to dismiss the injunction before the hearing was to begin.

La Plante refused the offer.

What Schaalman did not inform the court bailiffs or La Plante’s attorney’s that day was that the younger man Schaalman had brought with him to court was not Drew Lake but rather Patrick O’Neal another attorney for Halling and Cayo and the notary on Lake’s affidavit for the hearing.  O’Neal bears a slight resemblence to Lake.  Schaalman and O’Neal had simply avoided identifying who O’Neal was until it was directly requested by Judge Shelly Gaylord who was presiding over the hearing after it began.

Though the court baillifs. La Plante and his attorney’s had almost been fooled by this ruise, it did not prompt La Plante to accept any agreement before the hearing.

Right as the hearing began Lake’s attorney’s requested dismissal of the injunction against La Plante, before La PLante could present any evidence to the courts.

If Lake had actually attended the hearing that day, he would have likely been found guilty of perjury.


La Plante is no stranger to conflict with confidence scams or the illicit activities of large companies


Justin La Plante

In 2004 former internet child prornographer and Zevia cola co-founder Brian Cartmell attempted to press a defamation lawsuit against La Plante.  This was after La Plante had posted internet archive evidence of Cartmell’s porn websites linking to European child porn sites in the early 1990’s.

In 2006 La Plante provided testimony to the US consulate general’s office in Quebec with regard to a network of west African labor exploitation fronts operating between Canada and the US.

From 2008 to the present day La Plante has contributed to several state and federal investigations involving confidence scams and fraudulent business activities such as storesonline Imergent, MCA, Lyft and of course Uber Technologies.

La Plante has requested compensation for his legal fees from UBER Technologies and Drew lake and has submitted a formal complaint against Lake and Uber technologies for Defamation and attempting to defraud the courts.

Since March La Plante has been regularly harassed and sent hate mail from Uber drivers and Uber employees.


One of a series of IMs sent to La Plante’s facebook that are currently not visible as the profile that sent them is currently under suspension. The sender is an UberTaxi driver in Chicago.


Another Uber driver supposedly in Chicago or Madison, WI.



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