Uber tries to con US Military Veterans

So now Uber wants to try and con US military service men and women into using the uber app as a means of income.
Which of course would invalidate these veteran’s own vehicle warranties and likely lose them their own insurance policy coverage.
Not to mention locking them into a service agreement which would have them providing uninsured rides to the public.
I have seen confidence scams attempt taking advantage of veterans before but never with such bold determination to make money from the suffering of US vets.
This is a sickening and spineless tactic by what is now the largest confidence scam in North America, to use US military veterans as media shields in an attempt to clean up their own image while trashing the lives of those who served this country.
I sincerely hope that the FTC wakes up one day soon and puts Travis Kalonick (Uber CEO) behind bars where he belongs.

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