Who gives a fuck about you “not giving a fuck”?

Sean Adamz is a constant source of entertainment now that his Altporn community magazine is back to being his own personal bitching rag of shameless self promotion.

In what dimension do you try to publish an online magazine to publish news about altporn or any facet of the porn industry but ONLY talk about yourself or people paying you to talk about them.  For all of his bitching about the tabloid shenanagins of Altporn.net and his praises to my work in openly, equally and honestly reporting on the industry, he was threatening to pull any story i wrote about a porn site or model that was not involved or contributing directly to his pocket.

A few days after I pulled all of my articles from his site, I checked back to look at the traffic flow of his remaining content.

Not ONE of the remaining articles on the site have even HALF the traffic results that any ONE of my articles had while they were on the site.

 A blurb with full nudity that has been up for months and not one facebook like.
Most of my articles on the site didn’t even have nudity in them but I could still pull 50+ facebook likes a day as apposed to ZERO.
Then I noticed this smart assy nonsense: 
A two and a half page diatribe about how anyone’s opinion sucks as long as their blog or website has more traffic than his own.  Obviously inspired by our interactions.
 Checking in this week we find this:
Seriously click on the picture and check out the video in that post.  It is the dumbest, most uninteresting attempt at a promo video you could attempt to watch all the way through.
And of course THIS:
A post missing content and a feature image that has been on the site an entire MONTH.

Fucking moron.

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