Why I am no longer writting for Sean Adamz’s Altpornstar.com

A few weeks ago I decided to take an offer to write for Sean Adamz’s “altporn news site” altpornstar.com.  After the debacle with Scott Owens and disappointing development deals with two model turned site owners, I’d become tired of the lack of integrity in the porn industry.  Granted, sighting any adult website owner for lying, bad pay/contracting and treating the talent and production workers like shit is like trying to hand out speeding tickets at the indie 500 (*narrative care of ,Martin Sheen, apocalypse now*).  But despite his past and the same rumor milling any other porn producer has about them in the industry, I’d not witnessed or seen proof that Sean would be any less trustworthy than anyone else in porn.  He made what sounded like an honest case to run a decent and responsible online magazine with the possible prospect of one day putting it in print, at east in some limited aspect.  This has now officially bitten me in the ass.
Luckily, I had no official agreement with Sean, the moron never even paid me and he saw fit to slather me with several incriminating statements in screen captures from chats that now serve to prove the actual truth in this matter despite anything he may try to claim now.  This was the same mistake Scott Owens made with me.  If you are going to try and hang a knife in my back at some point then don’t give me anything before hand that will just upend your efforts and make you look like a moron later.

This is the message that started it all.  He wanted me to remove links to source information.   Sites that the talent, models and performers were mainly hosted on, their main facebook profile pages or their own websites and any links to a recent film trailer or website set they might have been in.  I sourced Michael Vegas’s facebook and his evil angel profile along with essential source information.  This is what any journalist does to proof check their story and offer reference to the reader about the subject.  Adamz said he wanted a news magazine.  Well unless you want to be like fox news or altporn.net you have to offer validating outside content, sources, references and promote more than just your own BS to people.  He also wanted me to remove favorable mentions about Michael and content talking about industry standards and practices that Michael commented on in the interview.  Michael had mentioned several good points about ethical contracting and pay practices that many porn site owners do not practice, including Sean Adamz.  Although when Adamz initially heard the interview he said it would be fine as he now claimed to be evolving his contracting and pay. IN THIS SAME WEEK he made a really shitty offer to a model friend of mine basically offering her nothing in pay and asking her to fly to Philidelphia paying 50% of the costs in travel on her own for a two week series of shoots for Sean’s websites with an IOU on really weak contracting for pay to come later.  Seriously, fuck this guy.
Scott Owens also had a bug up his Ass about Joanna Angel and James Dean and it carried the same anti semitic undertones and conspiracy theories.
This is something I imagine Sean may try to post to take out of context.  Notice that I have “Jew assholes” in quotes.  I was quoting him from our skype call conversation that day where he called them “Jew assholes” and mentioning NOT to focus on it.
You may wonder why I tolerate this kind of shit at all.  Porn stars and porn producers have quirks which I do my best to put up with understanding that its hard to find anyone without quirks in porn.  For Adamz and Owens it is drugs or retarded creedist insults.  For Jaded kitty Kimiko it was Animal Hoarding and  the financial management skills of a rabid four year old.  You try putting up with things hoping the person will change or get better.  Wish in one hand, shit in the other.
When I look back on shit like this I really do kick myself that I was considering serious work with this ass.
 I am going to be reposting a few of my blurbs and articles that had been on altpornstar.com as well as the complete Michael Vegas interview here on my blog.  It really is a great interview and needs to be heard.  I’d almost dumped it last night but a co-worker who heard some of it while I was editing it stopped me and demanded I publish it no matter what the outcome.  I’d like to thank Michael Vegas once again for granting me the interview.  I would really love to do another with him soon.  He really is something awesome in the Adult Entertainment industry. 


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