Youtuber drama, the idiocracy of millenial social networking and the death of Onision.

I recently uploaded this video outlining this interesting flame war between the popular youtubers Onision and Euginia Cooney:

THEN today, I see this:

*Video removed by onision.  It was a plea on his youtube channel for paid subscriptions.*


Onision is without a doubt one of the most recognized youtubers to ever exist.

Unfortunately in recent years, he has also become the most creepy.

After a series of horrific relationship fall outs and a love triangle between his current wife and a girlfriend it became clear that Onision (Gregory Jackson) was clearly a very manipulative narcissist.

His series of videos about Euginia Cooney punctuated a pattern of behavior that clearly indicated a sociopath in free fall.

In this last video he eludes to the idea that there is a conspiracy against him by youtube to direct viewers away from his channels.

He has relied on youtube dollars for years which have given him the ability to purchase not one but two homes and make videos destroying expensive furniture and appliances.  Naturally when a sociopath is cornered, especially financially, they need to blame someone else.

You tube very recently did a major overhaul to it’s content filter and content standards as well as channel monetization.

This recent AV club article  points out the recent changes and a more recent issue with the new filters blocking LGBT content based on unfair standards.  Youtube has since corrected the issue.

Other aspects of the new filter standards do not allow channels to be monetized if they contain violent content or vulgar speech.

Much of youtube’s new standards and filter issues are to a certain degree unfair to open and fair content however it was never youtube’s place to direct viewers or even to promote content provided by any one user.  At the end of the day, it is still just another web site.  It is a company with an agenda to maintain itself and make money, not pander to each account or channel and promote or devalue it in any way.

My own solution to dealing with this is very simple.  I do not monetize my youtube channel.

Though Youtube’s new standards and filter practices have slimmed a lot of content and the ability of users to monetize a lot of content, it has hardly effected many of them as detrimentally as Onision (Gregory) is attempting to suggest.

Youtube is a web site dealing in a media exchange in a world where media and media censorship are constantly changing.  Only a complete idiot would rely on an internet based media exchange they aren’t even a stock holder in for financial support.

I sincerely hope Onision has something to fall back on as I suspect he will soon be the first to fall in this latest tech bubble pop.



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